Friday, May 22, 2009

Walking with the monkey

We picked up one of those monkey backpack/lash things for India when we were doing some travel in late 2008. At the time, it was really to big for India, and she hated it. I broke it out again last weekend, with mixed results. I figure if I start using it more often, India will feel more comfortable and start letting me put it on her for longer periods. Yesterday, we took a walk about the neighborhood and she wore it the whole time. She did try to take it off a few times, but all it all it went pretty well. The best thing of all though, is when we got home and took the monkey off her back; she decided to take it for a walk. She has been dragging the little monkey backpack all around the house this morning. She can’t say monkey yet but her version of it is something like “memo”. I can just hear her walking around saying “memo, memo”.

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