Monday, May 18, 2009

India and her glasses

As a friend of mine Kate mentioned, I never really posted anything about India's eyes and glasses. We had a follow-up appointment in late March, and the glasses are doing the trick of keeping India's eyes from crossing. The Dr. said that most children are born farsighted, and for India, this causes her eyes to cross if she is really tired or focusing on something quite close up. He believes that she will just grow out of this and will not need a second surgery. This is great news; because I was really dreading that she might need another one. The bad news is that it could take 6 or 7 years for her to grow out of this! I guess it is different with every kid, so we have to go back every 6 months and see how her eyes are developing. It could get quite expensive if we have to keep getting her new glasses as her head grows. Oh well, it's worth it.

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