Monday, May 18, 2009

Career choices for India?

Based on India’s recent activities, she might have found some career opportunities.

· Escape artist
· Stripper (yes, you read that right)
· Mathematician

Escape artist-Last week at the babysitters, India somehow climbed out of her playpen that she sleeps in, and climbed up a flight of stairs without drawing any attention to her. The playpen side probably came up over her waist, so I am not sure how she did it without falling and getting hurt.

Stripper-Being the considerate daughter that India is, she woke up about 5:45 a.m. on Saturday and was just playing in her crib. She did that for about 45 minutes, when she got bored and started to cry. Jeff went to go and get her, and when he did her found that she had taken off her pj’s and was just hanging out in her diaper. I found her the next morning in the middle of trying to take off her top. I hope that this trend of being bored does not lead to taking off her clothes.

Mathematician-The only career choice that sounds promising. We frequently count to three and have India jump, run, or whatever, and in the last couple of weeks, she will say “two” during the countdown. Last night Jeff and India were hanging out counting (yes, our social life is that exciting) and here is how it went:


Ok, she might not be ready to blow away the counting world yet but she is on her way.

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