Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cali 2010

I owe an update on about a hundred other things, but I thought I would quickly post something about our recent trip to California while India naps and Hadley snacks on some Mum-Mums.  For the third year in a row, we went to Palm Springs for a week of family vacation.  Typically it is my parents and our family, but this year was a little different as my dad was away in Wisconsin hunting and my sister and her family as well as my brother came on the trip. We were a little cramped for space, but I think it all turned out okay.

We went a little earlier in the year than normal, and lucked out with very hot weather, I think it was in the high 90’s for the first couple of days.  We just lounged about the pool for the most part, and relaxed.  We would normally get in a couple of hikes, but it was just too hot and our family has been so busy lately we were happy to just do nothing but soak in the pool and drink mojitos. 

We did go to the main hotel for drinks and sushi one night and my brother-in-law spotted Kevin from The Office and his entourage.  We also did the little boat ride around the lake with the kiddos and my niece even got to steer it and India honked the horn. 

We flew in and out of Long Beach, and after leaving Palm Springs we visited the aquarium there.  We had gone through it two years ago, but figured that India would enjoy it a lot more this time.  She really had fun, although it took a little bit to relax as there was a movie playing when we first got there and the noise was too much for her.  She touched a few sharks in the shark pool (not the Jaws kind) and thought that was pretty cool.  This is a big step for a kid that not that long ago was afraid of dogs.

Before we flew out we had an hour to burn so we walked around the Long Beach marina.  It was a nice ending to a very relaxing vacation.  

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