Friday, March 20, 2009

I am such a slacker

I really do need t be better about updating this, oh well such is the life of a mom. I thought I would do a recap posting of what India has been up to lately.

• Bye bye game-Earlier this week, India and I were hanging out in her room playing. At some point India went to her door and walked out shutting the door behind her. Less than one second later she opened the door and yelled/laughed while running into my arms. She probably did this 10 times and thought it was funnier each time. Later that night Jeff even caught her doing it with her stuffed animals. She will still play the game with me, but it is not quite as fun for her as the first time.
• Jackey-India loves to go places, and if you even mention that, you might be leaving to go somewhere or say the word “go” she starts yelling jackey (jacket) and shoes until you put them on her. This is fine if you are actually planning to go somewhere in the near future, but typically we have just said “go.” Last week I actually had to hide one of her jackets from her as she was so upset that I would not put it on her and throwing herself on the floor. I would get her calmed down, but as soon as she saw the coat again she was back to having a fit.
• Glasses-We have our appointment next week to find out if the glasses are doing the trick or if she will need a second surgery. Cross your fingers that the glasses are working.
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