Friday, June 11, 2010

Before I was a mom...

Before I was a mom…my life was a lot simpler. I could leave the house whenever I wanted; I could do happy hour after work without a second thought; I wouldn’t need to worry if I remembered to bring water, snacks and diapers for every little errand. There are still times that I find myself about to say to Jeff that “we should go run some errand after India is asleep”, but then realize that I can’t just up and leave, I need to be there for my child. 

Before I was a mom…I was more patient. Or was it that I never had to ask someone to stop yelling at me that they need milk? If the car in front of me was a little slow making that turn, I didn’t care, but now throw in two crying children into the mix and I am doing everything I can not to start yelling profanity at them.  I keep reminding India that you only need to ask for something once, not 50 times. 

Before I was a mom…I used to sleep. Now it’s more like I take naps since I am lucky to get 5 hours of sleep in a row before someone needs to be feed or needs “night night” socks. For most of my adult life the only reason I would be sleeping on the floor would be due to a night of drinking more then I should have, but now its par for the course with a toddler that loves to hold your hand while she falls asleep. 

Before I was a mom…I never had mom’s night out.  I have met the most wonderful group of mommy friends, and I am so grateful for them.  It’s nice to have people understand the ups and downs of having little ones. 

Before I was a mom…Jeff wasn’t a dad.  Jeff is such a great dad, the girls are so lucky to have him.  He is never to tired to play with India when he walks in the door.  And he spends countless hours bouncing Hadley on a yoga ball.  He might be outnumbered but he loves “his girls” so it all works out. 

Before I was a mom…India was just a country.  Now India means my sweet little toddler who I love to pieces.  I love everything about her, and every day she gets more and more fun to be around.  She says the craziest things, and Jeff and I just look at each other and laugh.  She love to ask me if “we can talk”, which is typically going over every minute of our day. 

Before I was a mom….I had never met anyone named Hadley before.  Now she is the first thing I see when I wake up, and who brightens my day with her big gummy smile.  She is just a good little baby, and I can’t wait to watch her grow.  I am waiting for the day that she says “mama”, I have a while but it will be worth the wait.


Before I was a mom I was just me, but now I am mommy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mini Fashion Friday

A few blogs I read from time to time, such as le musings of moi and northwest noshings, there is Fashion Friday entry. Here is my version, with what the girls are wearing today.  India is at the point that she likes to pick out her own outfits, such as the choice today.

Necklace-craft gift from a friend

Shirt-OshKosh  B'gosh

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