Friday, June 22, 2012

Collage Day

I woke up today, and took one look outside and knew that today would be a lounging about at home day.  The sky was gray, and while rain has been in the forecast, it has been dry so far.  It seemed like a perfect day to tackle something off our 80 things to do this summer list.  I mentally went through the list, and make a collage was the winner. 

The girls and I flipped through a few magazines and found images we thought would work and I set to cutting them out.  While I was cutting, I remembered that when I was a kid my grandma would occasionally mail my sister and I cut out images from magazines.  I don’t have any memory of what we did with them, but I do remember being excited when they arrived.

We hit a bit of a snag when I realized that we didn’t have any glue in the house…  Luckily, I found some craft glue for a Christmas craft in the laundry room, and was able to make that work.  India has already selected her cutouts, and had a story to go along with them.  Hadley was more interested in rubbing glue on her fingers. 

We didn’t collage for long, but I think that the girls enjoyed it and we will do it again as I am sure we have not seen our last gray day this summer.

What crafts do you remember from childhood?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

80 things to do this summer

A few weeks back my pinterest page was full of people pinning things to do this summer lists.  So I decided to create my own.  I had thought I would get 100 things, but I ended up with 80.  My goal is for us to complete them all, and attempt to blog about some of them!

Banana split
Make rootbeer floats
Waffle window
Backwards dinner
Make lemonade
Kids plan dinner
Breakfast for dinner
Food carts
Make popsicles

Dance Party
Make moon sand
Memory game
Play Wii
Play Olympics
Blow bubbles
Finger paint
Game night
Movie night/day
Bbq w/friends
Make bead necklace
Have a tea party
Paint rocks
Make a bird feeder
Make paper airplanes
Scrapbook of the summer
Learn new jokes
Make playdough
Garden party with friends
Make a collage
Ice cream truck
Craft day

Scavenger Hunt
Cloud watching
Bird watching
Fly kites
Breakfast picnic

Ride a train
Botanical Garden
Amusement Park
Visit cousins
Road trip
Explore new city
Garage sale
Visit museum
Story time
Go to the movies
Splash park
Visit a farm
Farmer's market
Visit grandparents
New playground
Tour fire station
Pick berries
Go to OMSI
Visit dad at work
Picnic with dad
Frozen yogurt
Family bike ride
Take a boat ride
Street fair
Kids race
Lunch time concert
Go to a festival
Baseball game
Ladybug walk
Summer reading program
Ride a carousel

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring in the city

Even though it is pouring out right now, Portland in May has been awesome.  We hit almost 88 on Mother's Day, and the sprinkler and pool were used more than once.  

Using the new sandbox that daddy built

Swinging along

Notice that her ice cream matches her shirt?

Ice cream at the zoo

Her favorite hat, even for running errands

We are hoping she can take the training wheels off later in the year

Tree climbing at the rhoddy garden

Loving the spring weather

Running my 2nd half marathon (in the blue)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Singer/song writer?

I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard India get out her guitar. A few minutes later, I heard this song.

I love you Hadley
I love you Hadley 
You are the sweetest baby 
You are the sweetest baby me, mommy and daddy ever had 
You are the sweetest baby 

I thought about trying to sneak in and record her singing on my phone, but by the time I grabbed it for this crappy picture she was done singing.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

India's eye appointment-so so news.

Day of eye surgery, just 5 months old.

Since India’s eye surgery back in February 2008 and getting her glasses in February 2009, we have been making a visit to the ophthalmologist’s office every 6 months, and every time we hear the same thing.  Her eyes are doing what they are supposed when she wears her glasses.  I expected to hear the same thing today, but sadly, this was not the case.  Her left eye is starting to get what is called Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD).  From  “DVD is a condition in which one eye drifts upward. The eye may drift upward only occasionally or be deviated almost constantly. The amount of drifting may even vary during the course of the day. Often, DVD is only seen in one eye by a parent, while testing by an ophthalmologist may reveal the problem is actually present in both eyes.”  She is making up for this by leaning her head to the right.  Jeff and I never noticed this until they pointed it out to us today.  It is just a slight lean, but enough that it is totally obvious to me now.  

 The good news is that her eyes want to work together, if they were not her left eye would be drifting around all the time not just occasionally.  The bad news is that she will more than likely need another surgery.  I had really hoped that she would never need another, so I am pretty sad to hear that it might still be an option.  We have to go back in and have her looked at again in three months and see if anything has changed, and possibly change her prescription, get a patch or schedule a surgery.

I know that there are so many worse things that could happen to your kid, but hearing your child will probably need surgery is still something, no parent wants to hear.  I will post more after our next appointment.    

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