Friday, September 16, 2011

Didn't summer just start?

Even the though the calendar doesn’t say it is fall yet, school started this week and I made a pot of soup, so in my mind summer is officially over.  Or like my friend Chloe said, she had to switch to from white wine to red this week!  It seems like summer went by in the blink of the eye, so sad.  I would probably rank fall as my second favorite season after summer, I love the brisk mornings and warm afternoons, the wearing of boots and apple cider.  I try to forget that fall leads into a rainy and gray winter, which the last couple of years have been incredibly long.  I probably owe a post about the summer, and now that India is back in school, I will try to get to it. 

India did a few months of preschool after we moved to Portland earlier this year, but this week marked her first fall day of preschool.  She had some separation issues last year, but had a blast her first day.  After not wanting Hadley and me to go at first, once some play dough caught her attention, we were like chopped liver to her.  She didn’t want to come home after class and asked that night if she could go back the next day.  This is a far cry from the little girl that was hugging my legs last year begging me not to go. 

What a cutie!

I hope that fall brings lots of beautiful fall leaves and changes to wear my boots without them getting wet.  I tried on a pair of red pumps that I hadn’t worn in months, and my poor feet forgot how to even wear them!  I guess that it what just wearing flip-flops and sneakers will do to a person!

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