Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend fun!

We had a nice weekend, and the weather give us a glimpse of hope that spring might actually happen…

Friday-The girls and I started the weekend off with our typical Friday morning, Stroller Strides and music class.  Afterwards we spent the afternoon in the backyard enjoying the sunshine.  We toured Jeff’s new office and picked up our race packets for the next day downtown and headed to The Spaghetti Factory to carb up.

Saturday-Race day!  Jeff and I ran a 10k and India ran her first race and did awesome!  I beat my previous 10k time by almost three minutes, but missed by goal of under an hour (one hour even).  We quickly went home and got ready to throw my dad a surprise birthday party.  It went off without a hitch, although my dad did ended a little late as they were stuck in traffic.  He had no idea, and his first reaction was to walk right back out the door.

Running with Grandma

Practice round of "surprise"

Sunday-My sister hosted Easter brunch and an egg hunt for the little ones.  India really enjoyed and Hadley could have cared less, one-year-olds, what are you going to do?  India fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I quickly hid some eggs around the house.  She ended up just being freaked out about the whole thing.  She was still pretty groggy, so I don’t think she was able to really enjoy it.

Ari and India during the 1st round of the egg hunt

Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?  Or do you secretly hope someone will?

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