Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is how we do spring break

Cabo, tequila shots, random hookups… Damn, that was something on TV; our spring break was nothing like that.

Monday-The girls and I had a lazy day as I realized we didn’t have to be anywhere, so why get out of pajamas before noon? When Jeff got home from work, I went for a run while he took the girls to the park. We traded off when I was finished and came home for dinner. \

Tuesday-Headed to Stroller Strides, and then home from lunch and naps. India had ballet and back home we went. Doesn’t get crazier than that.

Wednesday-Back to Stroller Strides, and playing at the mall afterwards. India had a great time, and didn’t want to leave but poor Hadley was practically asleep in the stroller. In the afternoon we head to Home Depot to meet the electrician to pick out a range hood. Wow, thank god I am not driving while typing this or I might fall asleep at the wheel.

Thursday-Once again Stroller Strides, I am starting to see a pattern here. After lunch both girls were relaxing (or sleeping in Hadley’s case) so I decided to relax for a while and watch something on Netflix. It was nice for the 45 minutes it lasted.

Friday-Off to another day of Stroller Strides, followed by indoor play at the mall. Afterwards five moms with double strollers invaded Swirl Frozen Yogurt. We had never been before, but it was really good. You pay by the ounce and there are about 12 different flavors and a ton of toppings to pick from. We split a strawberry/blueberry mix with granola, crushed almonds and marshmallows. Minus the marshmallows, it was pretty yummy. Later that evening we hit up Laughing Planet for burrito and chips. We tried to buy margarita fixing’s but the stupid liquor store closes at 7 p.m. I guess the people in the Woodstock area are better prepared for Friday evenings than we are!

Saturday-We decided that we would do a little retail therapy, and once again went to the mall. Jeff got some work things, and India and I also grabbed a few things. Sorry Hadley, you will have to wait for the hand-me-downs in a few years. We got lunch at The Ram followed by more frozen yogurt at Swirl. We also decided to get a new Wii as they were on sale at Fred Meyer. India was very excited to get a pink controller. We spent the evening making lasagna and playing Wii.

Sunday-Both Jeff and I went to get our haircuts as our hairdresser is moving to San Diego. Bummer, we both really like her and she was crazy affordable. Oh well, easy come, easy go I guess. Afterwards we hit up Starbucks for coffee and a cookie. Hadley dazzled us with her new skill, using a straw. We spent the rest of the hanging out and relaxing.

Our spring break wasn’t exciting at all, but it was a nice break from the normal weekly running around.

What did you do for spring break?

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Elizabeth said...

Our Spring Break isn't until next week but I am happy to report that I will be without toddler. My parents are coming halfway down from Canada, picking him up and taking him for the week and Nicholas and I can spend the week bonding and getting the rest of the house painted. I will be anxious to see reports from the parents on all the fun things they do with Gregory while he's there. He loves spending time with them and I think time away from his brother will be good, a nice break where he gets all the attention!

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